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(Pursuant to Art. 13 D. Lgs. 196 of 30 June 2003)
Under Legislative Decree No. 196, June 30, 2003 "Code on personal data protection," Immobiliare81 s.r.l. - Headquartered in Milan, Italy Corso, 13 - as a data processor is required to provide to the customer, some information on the use of personal data and the protection of rights.

1) Source of personal data
Personal data processed by 81 Realty Ltd. are collected from the client during the counseling in order to verify the possibility of obtaining a loan.

2)Purpose of data processing
Personal data are processed in the normal activity of Immobiliare 81 s.r.l. and for the following purposes:
a) Purpose and closely related to the management of customer relationships (acquiring basic data for carrying out the consultancy, evaluation parameters and prevention of credit indebtedness)
b) Purpose of obligations deriving from Community law, including, including fulfillment of the requirements for identification, conservation and reporting requirements in the legislation "money laundering" in accordance with Legislative Decree 231/2007. The provision of personal data necessary for these purposes is required and, consequently, a refusal to supply does not allow establishment of a relationship or the provision of services by Real Estate Ltd 81. Its treatment requires the consent of the customer.
C) Objective functional activity of Immobiliare 81 s.r.l.L and other companies.

In particular:
 -  detection of the degree of client satisfaction with the quality and type of services rendered and, in general, the work done by 81 Realty Ltd., and other companies specializing through interviews, personal or telephone, or dissemination of questionnaires, etc. .
 -  promotion and direct sales of products and services Immobiliare 81 s.r.l., or the third party companies (implemented through the delivery of advertising material, telephone or by mail and also with the use of automated communication systems, such as SMS, MMS, e-mail, fax)
 -  the preparation of studies and market research (carried out through interviews, personal or telephone, broadcasting or sending questionnaires) from Immobiliare 81 s.r.l. and / or third parties;
 -  conducting public relations activities.
The provision of data necessary for the accomplishment of these activities is optional, and therefore any refusal to transfer them shall not affect the establishment of relations of power or services, and contractual relationships, or future.
Their treatment requires the consent of the Customer.

The processing of personal data is allowed without the express consent of, if needed for the performance of obligations under a contract which is a party or to fulfill, before the conclusion of the contract, the specific requirements of ' concerned itself.

Sensitive data
In relation to specific reports and services required by the customer, it is possible that 81 Real Estate Ltd. come into possession of information that the law defines as "sensitive" as disclosing health status, membership in groups of a philosophical, political or trade union, etc. To treat these, the law requires a special process of consent, provided that 81 Real Estate Ltd. can still perform the required services and / or arranged for the customer transactions that involve indirect knowledge of the data.

3) Methods of data processing
In relation to the stated purposes, the processing of personal data takes place through manual, computer and electronic logic closely related to the purposes and in any event to ensure the security and confidentiality of data.

4) Categories of persons to whom the information may be disclosed to members of their processing facilities and central offices and / or sales network (agents, subsidiaries, brokers, financial agents and consultants of our choice). May become aware of customer's personal data, in addition, structures which carry on behalf of 81 Real Estate Ltd. technical tasks, support (eg, legal and information services, shipments) and corporate control.
To achieve the purposes for the exercise of its business and for running costs and obligations are closely related to the activity itself, 81 Realty Ltd. also needs to communicate the customer's personal data to third parties in the following categories:
 -  individuals who carry out banking, financial and insurance services;
 -  entities that provide services for the management of information system Immobiliare 81 s.r.l. and networks (including email);
 -  services company for the acquisition, storage and processing of data from documents, or supports supplied and created by customers themselves, involving large-scale works related to payments, bills, checks and other securities;
 -  entities engaged in the transmission, enveloping, transport and handling of communications with customers including the use of instant communication channels such as email, SMS and MMS phone or communication channels such as urgent telegrams, including by telephone dictation, and fax
 -  entities engaged in the storage of records of transactions with customers;
 -  entities engaged in customer service (eg call centers, help desks, etc. .);
 -  studios or companies providing assistance and advice;
 -  entities that carry out inspection, auditing and certification of the activities carried out by 81 Realty Ltd. even in the customers;
 -  auditors and company responsible for auditing and certification of the budget of Immobiliare 81 s.r.l.
 -  rating companies and / or auditing;
 -  entities engaged in marketing, market research or contribute to the promotion of products of 81 Real Estate Ltd. and / or any third party or that provide business information.
5) Rights of foreseen by art. 7 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003
Aticle. 7 of the said Decree. 196/2003, confers the right to obtain confirmation of the existence of personal data, the information about the origin, scope and methods of treatment, the cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or block of data in violation of the law and updating, rectification, integration of data and, finally, the names of individuals or categories of persons to whom the data is communicated or who can come to know them as "responsible" or "charge" of the data and their origin and the logic on which it is processed.
The customer may also oppose, for legitimate reasons, the processing of personal data concerning him, especially if carried out for purposes of commercial information or sending advertising materials or direct selling or for carrying out market research.

6) Distributors / Managers / Owners treatment
Immobiliare 81 s.r.l. means "in charge" of treatment for all employees and contractors - including occasional - performing tasks involving the processing of personal data.
Those to whom the information may be disclosed (paragraph 4), which have been designated "in charge", will use the data as "external managers, on the basis of contractual agreements with Immobiliare 81 s.r.l.related to the outsourcing of some services, or as "Owners", by making a self-treatment with full respect for the privacy policy. The updated list of third parties identified as "Owners" or "external managers is available from the Human Resources Service, Piazza Papa Giovanni Paolo II 26, 90146 Palermo. Where the Company acts as an intermediary in the sale of products and services on behalf of others (for example, financial services and insurance) to inform them - self-holders - the data of persons who have requested such products and services.

7)Exercise of right of access
All information concerning the right of access may be requested from Immobiliare 81 s.r.l. OFFICE MANAGEMENT COMPLAINTS Piazza Papa Giovanni Paolo II, 26 - 90146 Palermo Tel 091.8431387 - Fax 091.6706630 - e-mail: gestione.reclami@mondelloluxury.it
INFORMATION about how we use your information
(Article 13 of the Code for the Protection of personal art. 5 of the Code of Conduct on credit reporting systems)
Dear Customer,
To grant the expertise, we use certain information about you. This is the same information that you provide us. You have the right to know your data and to exercise other rights relating to their use (updating, deleting, etc.).. For any request concerning your personal data, you use your interest in the facsimile on the site www.garanteprivacy.it forwarded to our. Company: Immobiliare 81 Srl, Piazza Papa Giovanni Paolo II, 26 90146 Palermo - Tel 091.8431387 Fax 091.6706630 - e-mail @ gestione.reclami mondelloluxury.it
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